Who we are

I am Angela Spencer, founder of Routine in the Womb and you can find out more about me and my extensive childcare experience at the bottom of this page

Angela Spencer


"I truly believe. . .

. . . getting to know your baby’s routine when in the womb is one of the best ways of ensuring you keep track of how they are doing and to note if there are sudden changes. It is also key to supporting an early bond with your baby and nurturing the routine they will follow when they are born.

I became increasingly concerned about the lack of information provided to mums about how they should monitor their unborn baby. It is no longer advised to count the kicks, but rather understand what is normal for them, but this is not being widely shared.

Our aim. . .

. . . is to empower mums to have a positive pregnancy & birth experience, being aware of today’s increased risks and supporting them with ways to minimize them.  We do this through enriching both mum's sensory pregnancy journey and their baby's conscious sensory connection too.”

So who am I?

I have owned and operated children’s nurseries for over 25 years opening my first in 1993 at the age of 21 and in 2017 I was named in the Top 10 most influential in Childcare by NMT Magazine. 

After neither of my own children slept through the night for their first three years, I decided to research deeper in to child development and everything that can nurture or have an adverse effect on it. This research quickly took the route of sensory stimulation and my first programme called Natural Care was introduced in to my Angels at Play nurseries in 2000. 

This research did not stop there though and from using my own natural imagery within the nurseries, I began researching the impact of the natural world on development and came across the biophilia hypothesis which is also now incorporated in to my newly named Nascuropathy Programme and Babyopathy (for pregnancy and under 1’s).

My children are now 18 and 21 years old and this year I'm delighted to become a grandmother, my daughter experiencing the full benefits of Babyopathy and the Routine in the Womb birthing programme. 

Babyopathy was featured in Mother & Baby magazine as ‘the New Routine for 2017’.