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Until now, count the kicks has been the recommended way to ensure your baby is progressing in the womb. However, the current recommendation by NHS UK is to 'know your baby's routine' in the womb instead. They recommend that from 24 weeks of pregnancy that you become familiar with your baby’s typical daily pattern of movements.

It is important for you to know the amount of movement that is normal for 
your baby. A change in the level of activity of your baby, either reduced 
or excessively active, may indicate a problem is developing and should 
be reported to your midwife/doctor.

We very much agree that this is one of the best ways of not only knowing your baby is progressing but just as importantly how you build a bond with your baby and nurture the routine your baby will ideally follow when they are born.

Please do share our page and our campaign message to know your baby's 'Routine in the Womb' as by taking the time to learn and nurture your baby's routine in the womb enables you know if there is a sudden change to that routine that may indicate there is a concern and you should speak to your midwife.

We are not medically trained and do not give medical advice. Our team have many years experience in Baby care and development and offer support and guidance without judgement.  We look forward to sharing your baby journeys with you!

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